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“Dissonance” is Vhils' latest solo exhibition at Lazarides gallery in London. Open from 27 March to 23 April, it features a whole new body of multidisciplinary work – the culmination of ideas initiated and developed in his two previous solo shows held in Lisbon (“Dissection”) and Paris (“Vestiges”), exploring notions of increased saturation and dilution of personal identities in contemporary urban societies.

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 Releasing a special edition print with
“Deterioration” is a four-colour lithograph printed at IDEM Studio Paris, hand-finished with Quink ink and acid. Signed and numbered. Available in a limited edition. Don't miss out.

04 December - 5pm GMT

Very proud to be part of this unique project with such a talented group of artists and musicians. A huge thanks to U2 for inviting me. A big up also to my team who made the project possible. 

These 11 art films, inspired by U2's Songs of Innocence and taking the political murals of Northern Ireland as reference, celebrate the unique democratic power of urban art. Oliver Jeffers, Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Maser, ROA, DALeast, Todd James and I were given complete creative freedom to showcase our personal responses do U2's music.

The result is an exhilarating display of diversity in approach, style and commentary. Powerful and cognizant, their works scale the globe, play with time, and weave between heightened reality and animated dreamscapes. These original works of video art transpose their visions from the physical to the digital and are collected here together as a visual counter-point to the album, a set of unique and compelling Films of Innocence.

Imensamente orgulhoso de fazer parte deste projecto único com este grupo de artistas e músicos tão cheios de talento. Um enorme obrigado aos U2 pelo convite. E um big up também à minha equipa que tornou o projecto possível.

Estes 11 filmes de autor, inspirados no Songs of Innocence dos U2 e tomando como referência os murais políticos da Irlanda do Norte, celebram o extraordinário poder democrático da arte urbana. Oliver Jeffers, Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Maser, ROA, DALeast, Todd James e eu tivemos inteira liberdade criativa para expressar as nossas reacções pessoais à música dos U2.

O resultado é uma exaltante mostra de diversidade em termos de abordagem, estilo e comentário. Poderoso e ciente, o trabalho destes artistas conquista o globo, joga com o tempo, e move-se entre alta realidade e paisagens oníricas animadas. Estes trabalhos originais de vídeo arte transpõem as suas visões do físico ao digital e estão aqui reunidos num contraponto visual ao álbum, um conjunto de Films of Innocence, cativantes e únicos.


“DISSECTION” // 05 July - 05 October 2014

Nothing lasts forever... After fifteen years maturing, two years in the making, three months open to the public and a record-breaking attendance of 65,638 visits, Vhils' landmark solo show at the EDP Foundation – his first in a mainstream art institution and his largest to date – has come to an end. A massive THANK YOU to all who contributed towards its success and made it one of the most-visited art exhibitions at the institution!



Alexandre Farto aka Vhils' latest solo show in Lisbon has been packed for weeks, but we finally managed to get some shots of it. The exhibition is set at the EDP Foundation - Electricity Museum in Lisbon, one of Portugal's main art institutions. Once inside, you start by walking through a dark tunnel lined with several stencilled, laser-cut acrylic boards placed over television screens playing videos in the background, presenting a unique experience to Vhils' latest graphic and typographic work. Proceeding through the various purposely-designed exhibition rooms, viewers access different areas where they can experience distinct styles within his works. Giving the show its name, the exhibit culminates with a dissected underground train carriage suspended from the ceiling which demands lying on the floor to get the full view. “Dissection” opened its doors on 4 July and will remain open until 5 October.

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The first lithograph signed by Vhils, as well as the “Dissection” exhibition catalogue, are available for purchase at the Electricity Museum and through the online shop at:

On 04 July 2014 all roads lead to Lisbon as Vhils opens an ambitious, groundbreaking new solo show in one of Portugal’s main art institutions. The exhibition will remain open until October and will showcase original work that takes his art one step further in dissecting some of the key elements that compose the urban environment. Unmissable. More on this soon. Follow up all the process at:

I want to thank everyone who showed up for the Dissection opening. A special thanks to all my team and the people who helped and were involved on the projects i did since the beggining, a big huge OBRIGADO!

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